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Monday, 12 November 2007

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!

Ok so time to own up.....I am still here and I did get my internet connection back (big waves to Jen - thankyou for missing me, its nice to be missed ;-)
I geuss I just got into a bad habit of not posting whilst it was difficult to and then never really picked up again. I will try to do better. So anyway, one reason is things have been CRAAAAAZY! I did have a pic to share on my phone that would have explained part of it but I managed to lose all the pics off my phone last night (boo! hiss! it was my error but I am NOT happy!)
so I will just have to leave anyone who drops by here in suspense as to what our big news is if they don't know already whilst I go and get another picture! Lets just say things are gonna get a LOT crazier from here!
in the mean time here are some photos I have been working up for some layouts I have to do for Scrapbook Magazine iss 27. So sit back and celebrate the arrival of winter with me....



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