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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Alice Kennedy 24th Jan 1911 - 10th April 2008

Things I want to remember about my grandma...
how she made the best oatcakes
how you couldn't visit without leaving with a carrier bag of food.
how hard she saved to buy my piano
breakfast in bed when I was little
how she always made such a big deal about food.
sieving eggs (don't ask;-)
the way ribena and lemonade always tasted so much better at her house.
how she'd put salt on everything including mcdonalds chips (and still made it to 97!)
the little tupperware when we'd go out for dinner;-)
how she loved to go out for dinner but would constantly change her mind as to her favorite 'must go' place
being able to hear the TV from outside
how it was best to avoid visiting when any soap came on the TV, unless you wanted to watch it too.
the dogs

I miss her. I think if I could have anything right now, I'd have her make me breakfast in bed one last time. (oatcakes and sieved eggs of-coarse) just to see the excitement on her face as she took my 'order'.

haven't felt much like blogging recently but normal service will be resumed shortly.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008


Why is it that whenever I set a goal, every piece of technology I own conspires against me to make sure it doesn't happen?! Nothing too hard, a sneaky peek on the blog tonight and upload of the full file to the website tomorrow night. Well its oficially tomorrow morning now thanks to the combination of a certain computer and memory stick's antics! but here it is, I was not beaten! One very pretty little girl...

Will load a few more of these within the next day or two (hopefully after Dave has uploaded the FULL file to the website) but right now I need sleep sooooooooooooo bad!


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