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Saturday, 31 May 2008

I am no 1391......

and today I 'Race for Life' for these two amazing women...

Hilda Platt and Alice Kennedy, My grandmas. Hilda was my Dad's mum. She died from cancer about 12 years before I was born. Alice was my mums mum. She suffered with cancer at the end of her life, in her 90s but thankfully died peacefully in her sleep at home just less than 2 months ago. If it were not for the sacrifices these women made, their quiet faith and devotion to those they loved I would not be here today. I love them both more than I can say. One of them I never got the chance to tell how much her life has meant to me, through the memories of those who knew her. The other, I never took the chance and it will remain one of my biggest regrets. Just 3 months ago I couldn't even run 1k but at 2pm today I will run 5k to honor them and hopefully raise some money for Cancer Research UK. If you are reading this and you can, please sponsor me. There is a link at the top on the right hand side of this blog and the sponsors page will be live until June 13th. According to Cancer Research UK together we can beat cancer. If there is a chance then we really should try.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Last bank holiday....

whew! I'm only a month behind then!
One of the problems of having a garden now is that we have to do something with it. And, being the impatient type out I went, and dug and dug and dug (dave took to calling me JCB!) and removed everything in the front and a decent patch of the back. Then I wanted to put stuff in right away, of-coarse, it doesn't work that way. Certain things have to be planted at certain times and take time to grow, and, it turns out plants aren't cheep either. We did manage to find a lil baby tree that we loved and so right now it is the crowning glory as there is not much else there! We bought it at a garden centre about a mile and a half away only to find it wouldn't fit in the car! Sooooo......

Dave Walked home! ;o)

Dave named him Egbert. Not a clue why!

Thursday, 1 May 2008


I had this post saved as a draft as I was waiting until after this layout had been on the Daily Inspiraton blog. I was so busy I missed it (at least a week ago). So here it is and today there is other fabby stuff over there! the link is in the sidebar if you fancy a peek ;o)


Just Something I saw in Asda's car park the other morning that gave me a much needed smile. It's probably not too clear from the pic but there were lots of Bees having a party on the dashboard of this mini :o)


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