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Monday, 19 May 2008

Last bank holiday....

whew! I'm only a month behind then!
One of the problems of having a garden now is that we have to do something with it. And, being the impatient type out I went, and dug and dug and dug (dave took to calling me JCB!) and removed everything in the front and a decent patch of the back. Then I wanted to put stuff in right away, of-coarse, it doesn't work that way. Certain things have to be planted at certain times and take time to grow, and, it turns out plants aren't cheep either. We did manage to find a lil baby tree that we loved and so right now it is the crowning glory as there is not much else there! We bought it at a garden centre about a mile and a half away only to find it wouldn't fit in the car! Sooooo......

Dave Walked home! ;o)

Dave named him Egbert. Not a clue why!


Missy 23 May 2008 at 17:45  

Hey there. Thanks so much for stopping by. This story had me cracking up. A few years ago my DH and I bought a cherry tree that would not fit in our car. We were too far to walk home so DH had to go borrow a friends truck. The good news is this year the tree finally has Cherries....lots and lots of yummy Cherries. So good luck with the rest of your planting.

Oh, I have to tell you that you are totally the reason I started sewing last year. I saw that AMAZING stocking you mde in last years christmas issue and I just fell in love with it.

When you get the pictures of the ribbon tree and quilt taken could you send them to me? I can't seem to get the colours right when I take the pictures....and you always do such an amazing job.



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