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Saturday, 4 July 2009

We are changing the way we do business....

well, nothing major, but as always I have a ton of ideas, things I would like to do with the photography business. The next few months will be an exciting time if I can only summon the energy to see all my plans put into place. I'm hoping that will include a new look to the website and blog. Infact pretty much a new look to everything!
Its all feeling a bit stale, I need a change!

anyway! in the meantime, heres something new for me. It is certainly the first I have posted on the blog, but I am loving these. (hope it works!) feel free to let me know your thoughts...


Pants, pants, PANTS! Dave has gone and backed up all these files and removed them from my hard drive so, yes, the slideshow is blank! aaaaaarrrrrrrrgh! I will fix it, but not tonight, bed is calling. Check back tomorrow! Thanks!



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