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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Ever feel like...

because you haven't posted in ages, the next one is gonna have to be amazing... and so you just don't? Well, finally I feel like I can post! Today I got to take pictures of some 4 day old kittens! So adorable! It wasn't easy due to the fact that most of them are mostly black, I was working with indoor lighting and they kept wriggling around. But for a first attempt I did ok, and obviously learnt some stuff about taking pictures of teeny tiny kitties! Lucky for me, I get to stop by next week and see how they have grown :) Can't wait!...

and so wednesdays for the next few weeks shall be known as 'kitty-love wednesdays' and I will spread the kitty-love with a few pics - so I'll be posting at least once a week right?! ;)
Kitty-love wednesday was brought to you by...

little mr.white face

little mr. white cheek

cute mr. tabby

baby girl


little mr. moustache!

and ofcourse proud mother kitty Jessica, but no shots of her this week! maybe next week :)



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