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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Welcome, December!

So in line with my goal to blog every day in December, here goes! better late than never right?!

Well, as usual December crept up on me in the usual sneaky fashion. I thought I at least had the important stuff covered, but, no! The evening of the last day of November saw me in the loft, hunting for Dave's advent calendar which work. At least I had the chocolate to give him!

I did place this little guy on my desk though, to add a little festive cheer. I am hoping to keep it alive and decorate it through December ready to give as a gift, just for fun :)

As it was the first of December and Dave was at meetings I headed here after work for a bit of christmas shopping! Had to be done right?! ;)

And lastly after 4 or so years of having this book in my possession, this year I finally remembered to start reading it on the 1st of December!! Go me!!!!

not a bad start to the month given how far from organised I am!



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