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Thursday, 13 December 2007

like we were never there....

Tuesday of this week we said goodbye to our first house (and I cried!) It was strange to see it so empty and looking so different to when we lived there. We also said goodbye to the wooden snake. We found him in the kitchen cupboard when we arrived almost 3 years ago and he gave us quite a fright at first glance (untill we realised he wasn't real). We've had so much fun hiding him for each other to find but now he waits in the kitchen cupboard for the next un suspecting tennant! Goodbye house! Goodbye snake!

Will post some pics of the new house next time I get near a computer. we still arent set up at home.


Jenga 15 December 2007 at 20:31  

Aww best of luck in your new home ;)


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