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Monday, 11 October 2010

a few things...

1. I care too much about lots of things. Mostly things like what other people think of me.

2. It makes me do crazy things sometimes. or maybe just too many things.

3. I feel selfish if I am not dancing to absolutely everyone else's tune, so much so that I don't really dance so well anyway. I just collapse in a heap on the floor and beg for it to be over again!

4. I love my kitty like crazy even though she drives me nuts! could say the same for the husband.

5. I feel like I still haven't figured out exactly who I am supposed to be.

6. I'd like to go home now and hide under the duvet, if thats ok...

7. Autumn is my favourite season, for the colours and the golden light.

8. I still don't want to talk about 'it'. some pains just feel better kept inside my own head.

9. I often cry in my sleep. Now and again I laugh too.

10. I have big ideas but am often too afraid of failing to make them reality

11. I always under estimate the work to be done, in every situation

12. I always want to sit on the floor and cry once the reality sinks in regarding no.11

13 I don't handle change.

14. Turning 30 REALLY freaks me out. 

15. People tend to think I'm unfriendly, when really I'm just too scared to go over and talk to them.

16. I want to reclaim my waistline but comfort eating is way too easy for me.

17. I love frappuccinos and Ben and Jerrys ice cream.

18. I have far too many clothes in my wardrobe

19. I wish I could travel more

20. I am NOT a morning person.

And so, Moving on....

I've spent a lot of time over the last couple of weeks thinking about how I have survived in the past when I have felt my world caving in. Because I have - survived that is.
so I guess its time to lace up my running shoes, crank up the volume on the 'angry-girl music'
and make sure the freezer is stocked for absolute emergencies!



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