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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Green... is the new black...

And this is where I admit to being a total bottle geek! It all started back in February when dave requested a new lunch flask on his birthday list. (yes, clearly he is a bit of a bottle geek also!!)
And so, after much searching, enter this baby...

Well it arrived and I almost considered keeping it for myself! (yes I am that sad!) Its pretty, the top is really convenient - everything is attached so you can't lose any bits but the flip top folds back and stays back (ie. it doesn't hit you in the face when you take a drink). The mouth piece is, well, perfect - no dribbles but easy to clean. Its dishwasher safe - so that means we get to buy a dish washer next right? ;) shatter proof, aaaaaaaand its bpa free - so its good for the environment AND good for me. oh and did I mention it fits in the gap in the fridge below the water and ice dispensor perfectly? no? really??
anyhooo, amazon do them in lots of sizes and designs - just search aladdin water bottles. Or don't, whatever!

Well, now I got that off my chest, normal service can resume! :)
thanks for listening!



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