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Thursday, 27 March 2008

Check it out!

I am in the new issue (29) of Scrapbook Magazine! Ok, so 'big deal' you say, I am always in it because I take the pictures. Fair enough. But this time I got to do a whole feature- write it and do the layouts, and call me sad but I was so excited to see it! Especially after the sweat and tears to get it in (don't ask me why, I've just found everything hard going recently!) So heres some sneaks...

If you want anymore than that you'll just have to check out the mag =D
(the feature is on black and white photography and includes some photoshop tips etc. and I can say that there will be another photography feature next issue. Yay=)


Jenga 27 March 2008 at 14:52  

Woo hoo way to go you :) :)

Giselle 3 April 2008 at 15:27  

Well done Rachel! :)


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