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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

The Bird, The Cat and the Fireplace... AKA The Chronicles of the Burgess' Front Room!

... Yes that is a bird...inside the window!
So the other day I am home alone. The cat is asleep on the couch and I am in the kitchen making a sandwich when I hear a noise. 'Dave's home early'...I carry on with the sandwich...the noise continues...'Dave seems to be having a lot of trouble considering thats his own front door'... noise I go to check it out. I make it to the hallway and can see there is no one at the front door, the noise is coming from the lounge. 'Oh no the cats finlly cracked and is tearing the place to shreds' I enter the lounge... And there is the cat in the middle of the room crouched perfectly still watching this crazy mass of feathers repeatedly hurling itself at the window. maybe it had realised that had I not entered when I did it was seconds away from certain death!
So I chased the cat out, shut myself in there and, about an hour later emerged with the poor thing. As I released it in the front garden and it flew away it gave a little 'chirp'. I am going to assume that was a thankyou! ;o)


Kerrin 30 June 2008 at 20:48  

Were you not scared?! My goodness... Well done:)

naughtyminky 30 June 2008 at 22:42  

Hello Hello! Wow this is quite a nifty story! Superb. I loved the title, very inspired!

So I tagged you on my blog to write about your top 5 influential reads or authors. There are really no rules, except that you have to tag some more people to do this when you are through - see my blog for more details.

Sarah x


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