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Friday, 19 December 2008

More Pics and a Tag...

So here are some more pics from that sitting...

and the tag (it was supposed to be for 8 things but I kept forgetting and doing 10!)

10 favorite TV Shows (in no particular order)

1. Heroes
2. Friends
3. Whatever Jamie Oliver happens to be up to at the time
4. My Family
5. The Good Life / Last of the Summer Wine / Dads Army. I know, I know, I'm SAD!
6. X Factor
7. Top Gear
8. History documentaries
9. The Apprentice
10. I don't watch it often, but, Antiques Roadshow!

10 things I did yesterday

1. Worked
2. Spoke to my sis on the phone
3. worked
4. stressed
5. worked
6. called at Asda for some brocoli and satsumas
7. Worked
8. Took delivery of Daves christmas present
9. emailed my art teacher (of 10 years ago ;o)
10.made a fab dinner in my slow cooker that dave called 'bland diet food' gggrrrrrrr!

10 favorite restaurants

1. Giraffe
2. la tasca
3. Hard Rock Cafe
4. Chiquitos
5. Texas Roadhouse
6. Chuck-a-rama
7. Cafe Rio
8. Gaucho
9. Passage to India (porthmadoc)
10.The chinese takeaway!

10 things on my wish list

1. Mortgage paid (give it 40 years or so ;o)
2. Troll beads and a new bracelet chain
3. A trip to new york
4. a custom made silver charm bracelet from Tiffany's
5. Perfume : deep red/ DKNY delicious (green) / Kylie Showtime / Angel
6. That sri-lankan sapphire eternity ring
7. a ton of DVDs and cds and books off amazon
8. 3 stone less around my waist
9. a hole in the lounge / dining room wall and 2 new fireplaces
10. Canon 1ds Mark II

Tag, you're it

1. Karen
2. Kerrin
3. Jenga
4. Becky
5. Naughty Minkie
6. Loni
7. Whitney
8. Emma

Thats it for now, got work to do I'm afraid :0(


Kirsty Wiseman 3 February 2009 at 14:32  

great shots Rae!
Next time you want to go to the cinema, ask me and Ill tag along. Trafford centrs is the best middle point for us both! We can even drag Luisa along too xx


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