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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Day two in the diet house...

I was sick today and stayed home all day in my pjs inhaling menthol and trying to breathe! so other than the diet I really have nothing else to talk about!

SO, day 2. managing better than expected so far.

I started the day with an egg and rye bread soldiers. I realised that since I NEVER eat this I don't have egg cups - untill I remembered the one I had as a kid. I didnt want to throw it away for some reason, so I stashed it in my craft cupboard, so that was fun! the egg was a bit of a disaster though - I followed the instructions and it came out practically hard boiled. Have to try that again!

For lunch I tried the 'lemony leeks, chicken and barley. It was the first time Ive tried barley like that and it came out quite nice. the chicken stock and lemon flavour meant it totally didnt taste like diet food and texture wise, it was kind of like a risotto. It was fairly filling and as it was quite late on by the time we ate it we ended up skipping dinner! Hoping I will be a size 8 by next week (hahaha) i did pinch a pit of the pork I had been cooking for dinner, but bearing in mind that was in place of a whole meal, it shouldnt cause a problem!
I had one snack - ryvita and peanut butter and drank water & diet coke all day. The only time I did slip up was the honey and lemon drink I made myself in the morning, since honey isn't allowed. I realise half way through but finished it since I was only drinking it because I am sick!
total points today: 24 out of 29



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