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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Secret Garden...

Ok, so, it isn't really a 'secret garden', but I know I couldn't find my way back to Woodbank Park again even if I tried! We visited together in the autumn of 2010 to shoot their engagement session. They showed me around the important places, the settings of their story. A lovely story - you can read it here at their blog.
We reenacted the magical moment and they smiled and posed for the camera as a bunch of kids looked on (who had kindly moved aside to allow us space) and eagerly fired questions at the happy couple about what they were doing and when they would be getting married. To me, it was much like any other park, trees, grass, a play area. To them it is where they used to 'hang', a place to go on dates and where Matt chose to propose. For them it will always hold too many sweet memories to be 'just another park'. Maybe it really is a secret garden.



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