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Friday, 8 April 2011

confessions of a serial dieter....

... oh yes! that's me! I have tried them all, pretty much, including the mayo clinic one where you have to have grapefruit / grapefruit juice before every meal, never mind that I HATE grapefruit! I spent about 2 weeks consuming tons of the stuff, only to be disappointed with the end result, as always! During recent years I have found that the only plan that really works for me is the Weight Watchers plan. And yet, despite knowing that is does work for me, and knowing that I really do want to finally lose this weight, I am having an insanely hard time sticking to it. I'm always either comfort eating to try and fill some emotional black hole, suffering from a cold or other sickness, or over working myself, getting no sleep and eating just to keep from dropping dead! Something has got to give and I am determined that this time it will finally be my waistline!! So enter Anna Richardson and the Body Blitz diet (as recommended by my mother-in-law).

I spent a good few weeks dragging my feet and pouting about giving up stuff like bread and potatoes before eventually setting a start date of today. I figured I should at least try it.

My starting point is 165.2kg and a total of 153.5 inches across various places....

so, Day One...

Breakfast : Pan fried bacon, mushrooms & tomatoes
lunch : the beef and horseradish sandwich but replacing the rye bread with 3 ryvitas
dinner : Prawn Balti with steamed courgette & babycorn and a little drop a dress size dressing.
Snacks : fruit with 2 tbs soya
              hard boiled egg.
Drinks : water, diet coke
no excercise as such although I had to do the shopping so there was some walking there.

I'll admit, I feel a little hungry, or maybe I'm not- maybe I am just aware that I can't have stuff. The great thing is that right now the enthusiasm to try new stuff and see some reults is keeping me going. I know that will run out at some point. I have enjoyed everything I have tried so far though, so thats good!

*edited to add: that works out at 21 points on WW and I'm supposedly allowed 29 a day!! So I should lose weight!
the egg wasn't technically on the list of snacks but with sticking to it so closely, I figured if thats what I wanted it couldnt do any harm.
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