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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The break through...

Some people may be wondering what happened with the diet. After 2 days of hyper enthusiastic posts... nothing. Well, one or two random unrelated images but not another word on the diet. Well, you see, the truth is...

... I actually stuck to it!! ~No, no, please don't die of shock! sit down a moment, you'll be fine! I actually found the Body Blitz plan much easier to follow than I thought I would. The book promised a weight loss of around 7 lbs in return for sticking to the plan and throwing in around 5 half hour sessions of some form of exercise (not necessarily anything too strenuous) each week for 2 weeks. Well, I almost stuck to the plan (other than the accidental honey and lemon drink, one packet of maltesers and a packet of crisps when I stayed really late at the office one night and one or two stolen pieces of potato when dave was having some), skipped the odd meal when I was too busy or not hungry (but never deliberately to starve myself), skipped a portion of the snacks (because I just didn't need them), did no specific exercise...
and lost a grand total of 7.5 lbs!!!
   It was so much fun to watch Pam, my Weight Watchers leader almost hit the deck when I stepped on the scales. Any loss would have amazed her after the last few weeks!
The observant among you may have noticed that I have only claimed 7 lbs on the chart at the top. That is because that is what I measured at home.

So, what now?? well, since that little triumph I have eaten waaaaaaaay too much chocolate! So today I am trying to rein it back in a little. I'm not after a big loss this week - a small loss or a stay the same for the next 2 will do nicely and then it will be back to another 14days on the plan to see if I can crack the stone!

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