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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

on this day 21 years ago...


...I became an aunty.  And roughly 8 years later, I took this picture. It could be argued that this was indeed my finest moment as a photographer, back before it all started, just for the amusement that has come from this one image. To everyone except poor Matt that is! :)
so, some things you should know about this picture...
1. It is NOT, and never was a dodgy ad  for french fries! Matt IS wearing swimming trunks and the rest is, well, just unfortunate for him!
2. Matt hates this picture! no, REALLY!
3. Shortly after this holiday I gave my youngest nephew an album with one picture of each member of the family from this holiday, This is the picture I picked for Matt.
4. Matt removed the picture from the album and ripped it up. Little did he know, it was just a copy. Mwahahaha :)
5. On Matt's 18th birthday I used this picture to make Matts gift tag, and gave him his gift (a multipack of french fries) whilst he was sat with his girlfriend (now wife).
6. Although the thought did cross my mind, I haven't had this picture enlarged to a stupidly large size to display anywhere today. So Matt, you are safe untill your 30th at least! :)
7. If he has found this blog post, he has almost certainly disowned me by now so I may as-well say it quick, Happy 21st Matt! We LURVE you!!! x

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Matt and Chrissie 5 April 2011 at 23:44  

Hahahahahahahaha LOVE IT :D


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