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Thursday, 17 July 2008

jumpin' on the OPAM train!

Just a quick update today as I am short on time (aren't I always?!)
so I saw a cool idea at this fabby blog
OPAM. One Project A Month. I'm so bad for having too much on the go and not finishing anything, but surely I can manage one thing a month. right?? We'll see ;o)
So, Here is my OPAM for this month (before pics of the guest bedroom)

this is how we started out probable a couple of months ago. so we are done with the painting...

Then we got this lovely bed for our guests (it pulls out to a double) and put it together...

and bought some of Mum's old furniture that would match it over from Gran's house...

So I want to finish this room. I need to...
clean the furniture
get some bedding
get a light fitting
make the curtains
a couple of other nice touches maybe
and get some frames and put some fabby pics on the wall.

so, er not much :os I was ahead but now chances are looking slim. Wish me luck!



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